Technical Writings.

  1. The Programmers Oath and my perspective development personal-life programming
  2. Enhancing of developer’s blog with John Sonmez emailing course promotion personal-life blogging
  3. Self-retrospective increases happiness of life happiness productivity retrospective life-hack
  4. Pomodoro and developer life happiness productivity retrospective life-hack
  5. SVN prevents doing proper code reviews code review git productivity svn vcs
  6. Why I am reading exactly one technical article per day improvement procrastination reading writing life-hack happiness
  7. Comparison of methods for preparing test data for your tests dbunit test data testing
  8. Managing technical debt in own garage refactoring technical debt
  9. Testing database changes using Liquibase in continous delivery architecture continuous delivery database liquibase
  10. Components hacked into Struts2 struts2 components architecture